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Sexual Addiction Treatment Program


Sexual Addiction (SA) is defined as an obsessive relationship with an activity surrounding sexuality that alters the person’s mood to the point of making unsafe decisions, avoiding or destroying meaningful life choices in relationships and intimacy, and/or taking risks that can ruin a person’s life.  


GSC Counseling Associates, LLC offers confidential treatment for the client and his/her family.  Treatment includes:


  • Individual Treatment: weekly or biweekly depending on assessed symptom presentation.
  • Participation in 12 Step program recommended
  • Family sessions as warranted.



GSC Counseling Associates, LLC accepts private pay for Sexual Addiction Treatment.  Those interested in scheduling  should call Deb at GSC Counseling Associates at (717) 559-5022.



It is important to note that Sexual Addiction (SA) treatment is clinically different than Sexual Offending (SO) treatment and persons interested in scheduling SA treatment should not have offenses that fall under Sexual Offending behavior.  Examples of Sexual Addiction may include but is not limited to: pornography, cybersex, multiple anonymous partners, frequenting strip clubs/adult bookstores, compulsive masturbation, sexual paraphilia, simultaneous or repeated sequential affairs, and other sexual acts such as use of prostitution and escort services.  

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Please note, when you call one of the numbers listed below, you will be speaking to the therapist.  GSC does not have a "central line", as we believe you should have direct access to the therapists or their voicemail.  Thank you!


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