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Deb Yambor, PhD


"If a person approaches you and in one hand offers you a billion dollars and in the other offers you peace of mind, take peace of mind". Life is a challenge; sometimes our needs and wants get confused, our values get confused. We seek ways to find peace. Therapy offers an opportunity to examine the path toward inner peace. I enjoy sitting across from people who are questioning their purpose, the meaning of the pain, and helping them reframe life's difficulties as lessons and growth.

I utilize a strength-based, relational, client-centered approach. Humor is a key component of healthy thinking and my clients and I find the joy through self-compassion and humor.


To schedule an appointment with Deb, please call 717-559-5022.

Danille Bowman, LCSW 


Healing and finding inner peace is a life long journey, premised on the notion that "Nothing changes if nothing changes". I enjoy working with individuals who are ready to challenge issues such as anxiety, trauma, conflict with family, and old scripts and old tapes that are no longer serving them in everyday life. I enjoy individuals who are active participants in their treatment process and who value growth, resilience, and the journey into change and recovery. Come as you are and we'll work toward where you want to be.
I've been a clinician for 20 years. I feel privileged and honored to be invited in to share an individual's journey as he/she intertwines life, relationships, and personal growth. It's an awe-inspiring process and can yield many rewards.
Feel free to call me directly and I can answer any questions you have. Type I D parent.


To schedule an appointment with Danille, please call 717-547-0307.


Sharon Tucci-Guy, MS 

Working in co-occurring mental health and substance use treatment over the past two decades, has allowed me to witness change when offering hope to people during challenging times. I enjoy working with individuals who are open to the treatment process and are excited about personal growth opportunities toward healing and inner peace.
My journey as a clinician has allowed me to work with adults and families impacted by depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, and various life stressors. It has been my sincere privilege to collaborate and help people identify their strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.
In the words of poet Maya Angelou, “ Do the Best you Can Until You Know Better. Then When You Know Better, Do Better”. I strive to help people to discover “the know” and work toward the best version of themselves.


To schedule an appointment with Sharon, please call 717 489-2999



Sharon is under the supervision of Danille Bowman, LCSW for her PA State Licensure.

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Please note, when you call one of the numbers listed below, you will be speaking to the therapist.  GSC does not have a "central line", as we believe you should have direct access to the therapists or their voicemail.  Thank you!


Danille (717) 547-0307

Deb     (717) 559-5022

Sharon Tucci-Guy

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