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Frequently Asked Questions

I have to cancel an appointment, what do I do?

If you have to cancel or reschedule an appointment due to weather or illness, please contact the person with whom you scheduled:  

Deb Yambor (717)559-5022

Danille Bowman (717) 547-0307

Sharon Tucci-Guy (717) 487-2999

Will my insurance cover these services?

Danille Bowman accepts:

  • Capital Blue Cross Insurance Plans 
  • Highmark Blue Shield Plans
  • Federal Employees Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans (Preferred Provider)
  • CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield (Maryland)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan/Florida/Texas
  • Independence Blue Cross Plans
  • Integrated Behavioral Health Plans
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans
  • MHNet Behavioral Health Plans
  • Allied Trades (Local Union)
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Private pay  
  • Wellspan EAP

​Deb Yambor accepts:

  • Highmark Blue Shield (under supervision of Danille Bowman, LCSW)
  • Private Pay
  • Out of network claims

Sharon Tucci-Guy accepts:

  • Pivate Pay
  • Highmark Blue Shield (under supervision of Danille Bowman, LCSW)
  • Out of network claims


New insurances are added on a regular basis, so feel free to contact you therapist directly to inquire.


Out of Network

If you would like to attend therapy with a therapist does not take your insurance product, the sessions may be submitted to your insurance company if you have "out of network benefits".  If this is the case, the therapist will provide you all documentation needed by the insurance company for you to submit "out of network claims" to the address noted on your insurance product.  If an insurance reimburses for "out of network", that reimbursement is sent to the person who holds the insurance product, not GSC Counseling.  To be more concise in how this process works:


1. Client pays therapist in full at the time of the session.  

2.  At the next session, therapist gives the client a "super bill" which has all of the documentation needed for the previous session for the client to submit for potential reimbursement.  

3.  Client may submit each super bill to the address for out of network claims given to them by their insurance company or client may collect several superbills to submit at one time (most of of our clients wait until they have 4-5 superbills to submit at a time).  

4.  The insurance company processes the claims and if the policy has reimbursement for out of network, they apply the claims and then issue the reimbursement check to the holder of the policy.  


If a person elects to use this process, we highly recommend that you call your insurance to get clear and consider information on how the "out of network" benefits process works with the policy.  Each insurance we have encountered has been more than happy to walk their policy holders through this process and provide all the details necessary.  


If you are unsure whether this is what you'd like to do, feel free to call the therapist at GSC Counseling to discuss in more detail as we are always happy to help people move through what can sometimes be a very complicated process. 

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Please note, when you call one of the numbers listed below, you will be speaking to the therapist.  GSC does not have a "central line", as we believe you should have direct access to the therapists or their voicemail.  Thank you!


Danille (717) 547-0307

Deb     (717) 559-5022

Sharon Tucci-Guy

(717) 489-2999







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Office hours vary and are based upon appointment times.



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